The community and culture


“Local Stay” is the newest location, from which you can run not only your business, but your whole life.. At the foot of Pirin mountain, just a few kilometers away from Bansko you can get your new inspiration, to take a sip of freedom and to meet people from your “blood type” without neglecting your professional commitments. Here you can work, you can sport, you’ll be spoiled, and you will learn more about the kitchen and the art.
“Local Stay” gives you the opportunity for active work in office environment in coworking space with a fast and secure internet connection.
We have open space area for social guests and a quite zone for those who want to work alone in private office.

All of this with free lounge bar included. After long hours of hard work you can enjoy a wonderful view and get fresh air on the rope swing in the lovely dedicated garden or on the soft patio furniture.
To be able to share “your experience with your people” in the coworking area we have stage and separate zoom broadcasting studio equipped with newest technologies for quality video and audio recording.

Mindfulness people

In our yoga hall Local Zen you will be able to learn from the best teachers about the energy science and to practice your self perfection. Gift yourself health and inner balance for more beauty. 
Yoga teachers, here you can choose and create practice – for your followers, practice – open for other guests or partnership with us so you can participate in our events. We are flexible so we can help with additional services to make your event even more special.

Food and wine lovers

At Local Stay we will infuse your spare time with funny challenges while tickle all your senses. There are many supporters of the Asian and the Spanish cuisine in the complex, therefore in addition to the diverse menu we often make thematic dinners in our spanish restaurant CAVA or our vietnamese restaurant CHAO.
In the “Cooking Lab” of “Local Stay” we regularly have cooking classes with leading master chefs and the dishes are fully compliant with the taste preferences of every single person – doesn’t matter if you are a predator or you prefer vegetarian delicacies.
The Challenge: prepare yourself a dinner
The idea of the Cooking Lab is to show you how easy you can prepare something special with just a little help and advice from a professional who will cook with you and after that will share his special recipe to inspire you to proceed the culinary performances at home
The chef’s show and your participation will contribute for the fun mood that we always have during the cooking lab.


Art and culture explorers

"Local Stay" is located in a place with a rich cultural heritage with a strong presence of artists. The stage of the complex brings together musicians and artists, and literary readings are welcome.
Find your “art side” in Local Art. Join our art classes or inspiring workshops where you can learn and create with us.

Nature lovers

Explore the beautiful nature and peaks & enjoy fantastic views from each apartment in Local Stay. Do a mountain hikes and a picnic in the mountains - we will give you special picnic box. 
There are many trails and mountain routes around us. We are located near Bansko and Bezbog where you can find lakes, ride a horse or go to visit DANCING BEARS PARK in Belitsa.

Adventures and sport addicted

Be active! Here you have the opportunity to do many sports. Go to mountain hikes, horse riding, try rafting or just go to our swimming pool or fitness. Bring your bike or motorcycle and conquer the top or just choose and rent your bike ot ATV from us.