The difference

Local Stay, a place with a soul.
A place that you can take from and give to… energy, knowledge, life. “Local Stay” is not just a hotel, it’s a culture and philosophy which gather different people who share the same interests in one place.
The name “local” comes from the concept for authenticity and the offering something real and distinctive… and it has nothing in common  to “all inclusive” tourism. We are a holistic place.

3,6,10 REASONS

3,6,10 REASONS


The soul of “Local Stay” are the people who stay in it. A community that evolves through new skills, sharing hobbies, professional and personal experiences, has fun and creates.
In Local Stay, we meet people with many interests in the field of healthy living, yoga lovers, active in many sports, art addicted an so on. People, who want to level up their skills or to learn something new from the others. We welcome people, working very hard but deservingly taking time for themselves and their families. That’s why we pioneer the “workation” in Bulgaria. We appreciate adventurers, connoisseurs of cuisine and wine and offer really great food and wine experience. We adore people who value their quality of life and our goal is to make them happy, satisfied and full of positive memories from us. Our people always come back because we know them and we have built a loyal relationship between us. We learn from all of them every day to improve our services.