Relax Center

In our Relax center you can take a rest on the heated lounge chairs, warm yourself up and relax in the sauna and the steam bath, and awaken your body by contrast shower.
In the two massage rooms we offer you professional service and a rich menu of massages to choose from, depending on your requirements, physical and mental condition, including: whole body, Indian head massage, back & legs, Anti-Stress massage, Lymphatic drainage, Reflexology, Anti-cellulite massage, Children massage, Therapy with smell of roses, Aroma chocolate, Aroma Bulgarian Rose, Aroma Strawberries and Champaign, Massage with honey and milk (back).
If you want to decrease the daily stress and to replace the synthetic and toxic with healthy products, you can also try our Aroma therapy with doTERRA - essential oils - high class essential oils (CPTG)
We also offer diffuser with essential oils that will increase your concentration while working or support your effective relax in the apartment.