20.08.2021 / 22.08.2021

Vietnamese restaurant "CHAO" - grand opening ! Weekend with us with a gourmet experience.

It is a well-known fact that Vietnamese cuisine is one of the healthiest in the world.

Traditional Vietnamese cooking is admirable due to its fresh ingredients, minimal use of dairy products and oil, relying mainly on herbs and vegetables. With its balance between fresh vegetables, meat and careful use of spices to achieve a fine taste, Vietnamese cuisine is one of the most sophisticated in all of Asia. Each dish fascinates with the interaction between opposites: heat versus coldness, softness versus crunchiness, freshness versus fermentation. In our new restaurant CHAO, in addition to authentic and extremely delicious Vietnamese cuisine, you will be able to enjoy a wonderful view. We are expecting you from Friday to Sunday! 

The new jewel of Local Stay is now completely ready to welcome you! Welcome to CHAO Restaurant!

Amazing experience with 100% authentic, Vietnamese cuisine.

Until the end of September, the CHAO restaurant will be open from Friday to Sunday, and each dish will be prepared by professional Vietnamese chefs, led by the watchful eye of Chef Ivaylo Petkov!


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